Water Removal & Damage Restoration

If you have recently experienced a flood, no matter if the cause is internal or external, contact TurnKey Restoration immediately. Our team of  highly trained experts possess the knowledge, skills and equipment to restore your property from any water damage, no matter the cause we are here to help.  We will bring your property back to its safe and dry condition with our high tech water removal and drying equipment. water removal

Prevention of future damage

After the water from a water damage has been removed there are still two major concerns, is this going to happen again, and the prevention of mold growth. This is why TurnKey will identify the source of the water, and effectively remedy the situation in order to prevent future water damages. We will also remove all effected contents from the water damage and treat the affected areas to prevent mold growth on your property.

Sanitation and Deodorizing

After a water damage, especially if the water came from an external source there is always the concern of bringing your home back to its sanitary condition. Which is exactly why in addition to removing the water from your property TurnKey will use our cutting edge sanitation and deodorizing techniques. This will help restore your home back to its previous condition, so you have piece of mind that your home will be free of any odors or any unhygienic elements.

What to do after a flood

It is extremely important to contact TurnKey immediately after a flood, this way we can remove the water promptly before it affects or further damages any of your contents. This will also drastically help with the prevention of mold which can result from the waters or excessive moisture.

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