Fire, Smoke & Soot Cleanup

Fires are devastating, they cause extensive damage as well as loss. Fires can cause widespread smoke and soot damage, which sometimes can be difficult to identify. Our experts will survey the site to determine exactly how extensive the damage is from the fire, smoke, soot and water or extinguisher used to put out the fire.

Fire, Smoke & Soot Cleanup How can Smoke damage my property

In almost all cases, smoke can leave an odor in your home that will stay until it is properly treated. Even in the smallest of fires the damages of smoke can be devastating and long lasting. The smoke from a fire can be circulated through the air of your home creating odors and potentially causing various health problems.

How can soot damage my property

Soot is a black powdery or flaky substance left behind after a fire.  Soot, like smoke can be circulated through your home affecting many contents, and in some cases you can not see it. Soot can damage your furniture, electronics and other household furnishings.

How do you remedy the fire, smoke & soot damage

We will use our high tech cleaning and detection techniques to locate the areas on your property which were affected by these harmful elements. Then using our powerful cleaning and restoration techniques we will remedy these contents, if possible.

Water and/or extinguisher damage after a fire

After a fire the water or extinguisher used can also have long lasting affects on your property. If not taken care of it can cause mold, odors and create an unhygienic environment.

What do do after fire, smoke & soot damage

Should you be a victim to these damages you should contact TurnKey as soon as possible. This way we can begin to remedy the situation before even more contents get affected and potentially ruined.