Electronics and Equipment Restoration

Potential damage

After a water, fire or smoke & soot damage your electronics could have potential damage from direct or indirect contact. Even the excess humidity can Electronics and Equipment Restorationharm many electronics. It is extremely important that you do not power on your electronic equipment if they have come into contact with any of these contaminants, make sure that you remove all power sources immediately.

Servicing your electronics

Immediately after a water, fire or smoke & soot damage your electronic devices as well as equipment should be serviced. This can prevent future damage of your electronics, and prevent losing data. The sooner your electronics are serviced the more likely it is that they can be saved.

What do you do

Our team of expert electricians will evaluate the type of damage your electronics have taken, and then will determine the best course of action to service and potentially save them. We are capable of servicing all kinds of electronics including computers, servers, stereos, TV’s and much more.

Can you save all electronics

We will put forth every effort to save your electronics, although some items may be beyond saving. The best thing to do to increase the chances of us being able to save your electronics is to immediately remove all power sources and batteries, it is crucial that you do not try to turn them on.

What should I do

Contact TurnKey restoration immediately after the electronics have experienced damage, and take the precautionary steps described above. This will drastically increase the likelihood of your electronics being saved and restored.