Document Drying

What is document drying

Document Drying is an attempt to restore documents after they have become damaged from a water damage. There are various methods to dry documents, most of Document Drying which are high-tech and not available to the masses, we have that technology.

Does document drying save all my documents

This is dependent on how extensive the damage is to your documents. We are able to restore a majority of documents, however in certain situations some documents may be beyond complete restoration, or restoration at all. The best thing to do is to contact TurnKey so we can see if it is possible to save your vital documents.

How do you dry my documents

We have a variety of methods we use to dry your documents, this enables us to be able to dry and restore more documents than competitors. Some of the methods we use to dry documents are: freeze drying, vacuum drying, as well as air drying and dehumidification.

How much time do I have

As with most things, the quicker you act the higher the likelihood it is that we will be able to save your vital documents. If your documents are sitting in standing water the best thing to do would be to remove them from the standing water safely if possible.

What should I do

Should you need to save your vital documents from damage, we urge you to contact TurnKey. We will take all the necessary steps as well as precautions to restore your documents to the best condition possible. This can save vital information that you would of not been able to get back without restoring your documents.