Contents Restoration

What is Content Restoration

Content restoration is the process of restoring your contents to their pre-damaged state. These damages can be caused from a water damage, mold damage, Contents Restorationsmoke & soot damage or even just damage over time. Turnkey is capable of restoring almost any surface back to its original state, no matter the contents or the material.

Can you restore anything

TurnKey will do everything we can to attempt to restore all of your contents. Although some contents may be beyond restoration, we will do our best to restore them.

How do you restore contents

Our experts are well trained in a variety of exclusive cleaning methods, we also have extremely high powered cleaning products at our disposal. We are able to determine the best methods of cleaning and restoring each individual item, and can do so efficiently and effectively. We will handle all of your contents delicately and with extreme care.

Is it cheaper to get new contents

No, often it would be much cheaper to attempt to restore your contents than to purchase new ones. Content restoration can save you a significant mount of money, and we can restore contents with sentimental value which can not be replaced.

What do I do

If you are in the need of content restoration services contact TurnKey Restoration, we will evaluate the contents, and do everything possible to restore them. Although not all contents are able to be restored, you can be assured that we will do everything within our power to attempt the restoration.