Contents Claim Inventory Service

When disaster strikes it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming dealing with property loss. TurnKey can bring you piece of mind by preparing your content claims, we will document your items, give proof of the claims, and help you settle faster. Contents Claim Inventory ServiceOur contents claim inventory service has helped countless families as well as businesses get what they deserve in an expedited fashion.

What is content claims

Content Claims Inventory Service (CCIS) is providing an inventory list of the items which were damaged after a water damage, fire damage or any other damage that may be covered by the insurance companies. This provides proof to the insurance companies of what items were damage or destroyed, so you can get the settlement you deserve.

What do you do

We will go through all of your contents, room by room and create a detailed and accurate report of all contents affected from the damage. This way there is better information for the insurance companies to settle your claim faster. We will also assist with providing the burden of proof for claims. Our content inventory services will help give you piece of mind at the times when you need it most.

What should I do if I need CCIS

Should you need Content Claims Inventory Service you should contact TurnKey Restoration. All of our reports are extremely detailed and accurate so you will get a better settlement faster. We will give you piece of mind that all of your contents have been accounted for and are documented properly.