4 Steps for Dealing With Flood Water Damage

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How to Deal with Flood Water Damage With the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy and other major storms, millions of East Coast homeowners and business owners are now left in the aftermath of dealing with flood water damage to their property. We have received an overwhelming volume of calls and questions about dealing specifically with water damage and we’ve … Read More

Prevent Frozen Pipes

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Prevent Frozen Pipes and Water Damage   Water expands when frozen, this results in tremendous pressure being put on your plumbing which can result in a pipe bursting and lead to a flood and water damage. Below are a few simple tips you can follow to prevent this from happening to you.   Prevent Frozen Pipes  Remove, drain and store … Read More

Your One-step Source for Mold Removal in NY

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Mold problems don’t just affect your home furniture, floor, and wood sidings. Indoor exposure to mold can increase the risk of various health hazards too, including some allergic reactions. Mold growth usually occurs when an area is exposed to water and moisture for a long time. Mold can indeed grow anywhere, including some manmade substance as well. All they need … Read More

Professional Water Removal For NY Residents

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For those New York residents who are victims of unfortunate water damage, the experience can be stressful and returning to a normal routine is the best possible solution. With years of experience in the field of water removal and restoration, we understand the importance of restoring damaged areas and returning a home to its original condition as quickly as possible. … Read More

If A Water Damage Occurs…

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Water damage is detrimental to property and personal possessions. A flood, burst water pipes, and other natural disasters can cause severe damage to structures and walls. In order to get back on track after such a happening, having all of the water removed as quickly as possible will aid in preventing mold development as well as any further damage to … Read More

Water Removal Process

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Water damage restoration services are growing and evolving. Restoration procedures once involved contractors who used fans in an affected area. However, now, water restoration services are a science because technicians must consider health repercussions that are caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew. Water Removal New York – Drying Is The Number One PriorityWhen water floods a home, you must dry … Read More

Bursting Pipes: What to Do After the Fallout

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Research shows that every year 250,000 homes are exposed to #water damage from #bursting pipes.  Floodwaters rising only 6 inches in a 30 x 30-foot room can destroy everything in that room.  Getting rid of water from a home is only the first phase of the cleanup process. Water also has to be carefully removed from drenched frames, drywall, wall … Read More

Moving? Call Turnkey Restoration!

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#Moves to that apartment suite in the Big Apple, that quaint cottage Upstate, or that mansion in the Hamptons are exciting for families just starting out or for families looking for a change of pace or environment. If you and your family are looking forward to #moving out of state into New York State, there is no better #moving company … Read More