Bed Bug Detection & Extermination

Bed Bugsbed bugs

Bed bugs can multiply in numbers very quickly. The female bed bug, also refereed to as “red coats”, “chinches”, or “mahogany flats” are capable of laying over 450 eggs at a time. This means that for every female bed bug you can potentially have 450 more within a few days. This is why it is extremely important to detect a bed bug infestation early and remedy the situation as soon as possible. If you put off a potential bed bug infestation the result can be devastating.

Our Solution

TurnKey Restoration offers top of the line bed bug detection and extermination services. We will respond immediately, assess your property, locate all the infected areas and exterminate immediately. We will even attempt to detect the source of the infestation. If you think that you may have bed bugs do not wait, give us a call (646) 805-8273